This is sample honey, add as many honey flowers of your choice to your cart (max limit 20), please see below for the different flower types we do, their texture and taste varies, The sample is approx 5 grams, you only pay one posatge charge of £2.25, we hope to have your order very soon


Forest Flower

Forest honey is a mixture of honey dew from species of holm oaks and cork trees. It is obtained in mixed areas of shrub and forest that are located in hills or in coppices in the province mountains. It is harvested at the end of summer. Forest honey is rich in mineral salts. It is recommended against anaemia and dysentery. It has a sweet taste with subtle salty and malty notes.


Polyflora Flower

Polyfloral is gathered from blooming of soil in the mountain of the province where not any type of pollen prevails. It is harvested from late spring until the end of the summer. Polyfloral honey has anti-flammortary, digestive and healing properties. Polyfloral honey has a very sweet and floral taste.


Avocado Flower

Avocado honey is obtained from coastal areas where there are plantations of avocados. It is harvested at the end of May. Avocado honey is rich in organic iron, has diuretic properties and is recommended for anemia. Avocado honey comes from the avocado blossom's nectar. It has a dark amber colour and feels smooth and silky on the tongue.


Eucalyptus Flower