Orange Honey

  •  Tends to crystallise quicker than other types of honey.
  • Thick viscous consistency, which means it has a low moisture content and intense flavour.


Benefits of Orange honey


  • Antimicrobial action. Used for wound healing, improving the appearance of acne/ acne scars and treating respiratory tract infections by reducing bacterial load.
  • Relaxing effect. Recommended as a sedative.
  • Stimulates appetite. This honey is particularly sweet with a citrusy aftertaste. It contains enzymes and simple carbohydrates that aid digestion and encourage eating.
  • Good for hypoglycaemia. Being primarily a source of natural sugars, orange honey is a great tool for fighting hypoglycaemia. One tablespoon can give from 15-40 minutes of energy.
  • Low pollen content. Less likely to cause allergic reactions than other varieties.
  • Good for skin health. Apply raw honey to the face and wait 15-20 minutes. Wash face with lukewarm water. Skin glows and redness of acne scars is reduced. Pores are clean and less visible, and honey also prevents breakouts.
  • Helps eradicate H. pylori infection. When honey comes into contact with gastric juices, it releases hydrogen peroxide, a strong antiseptic, acting directly at the site of the infection. Hydrogen peroxide encourages healing of the stomach lining.
  • Great for sore throat and bacterial respiratory infections. With its viscous consistency, it sticks to the throat lining, forming a protective coating that allows the mucous lining to heal.
  • Nutritious. Contains simple carbohydrates, traces of amino acids and minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and sodium. It is a great substitute for refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, though not as nutritious as dark coloured honey.


Origin - Spain


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