Avocado Honey

  • Dark amber in colour and crystallises slowly.

  • Buttery and rich taste, does not taste of avocado and does not have a bitter aftertaste.


Benefits of Avocado honey


  • Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. As it is darker in colour, it contains antioxidants, therefore it helps in all conditions which involve antioxidant needs, e.g. help reduce vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration in the elderly, help neutralize free radicals in our bodies, and this is thought to boost overall health.

  • Enhancement. Honey enhances the power of all natural products and even of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs.

  • Prevention and treatment of internal conditions. Avocado honey helps in insomnia, detoxifies the body, fuels the brain, supports immunity, helps with cough (with coffee for adults and with milk for children) and many others.

  • Heals skin conditions. When applied to the skin, honey may serve as a barrier to moisture and keep skin from sticking to dressings. Honey may also provide nutrients and other chemicals that speed wound healing.

  • Nutritious. Avocado honey is especially good for anaemia and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium or phosphorus deficiency.

  • Having a balanced food intake. Avocado honey is not recommended for people with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. Healthy people should also avoid high phosphorus intake and be aware that this type of honey contains phosphorus. Excess leads to cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and bone health concerns. Please note that you will need much more than a whole jar of honey per day to reach a high dose of phosphorus. But if you add it to other food containing it, it is possible to reach that limit.

Eucalyptus honey


  •  Bold-flavoured honey with a slightly medicinal aftertaste.

  • Colour is light amber and this honey crystallises fast.


Benefits of Eucalyptus honey


  • Good for urinary tract infections. Eucalyptus honey has been used as a natural remedy for treating mind urinary tract infections. Research shows eucalyptus and other honey varieties can inhibit the growth of various bacteria, e.g. E.coli and S. aureus, and strains of bacteria that are antibiotic-resistant.

  • Anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing properties. Reduces inflammation and lowers fever caused by respiratory tract infections, contributing to faster recovery from illness.

  • Anticancer potential. A study suggests tricetin, a compound in eucalyptus honey and myrtaceae pollen, appears to exert anticancer activity and stop lung cancer bone metastasis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

  • Anti-aging effects. Contains antioxidants which protect cells from damage and oxidative stress that could encourage the onset of inflammation, subsequent disease and premature aging.

  • Source of vitamins and minerals with tonic effects. This honey is savoury, energising and contains trace amounts of several essential vitamins and minerals, notably vitamin C, potassium, copper, iron, calcium as well as amino acids, wax and pollen grains, all of which contribute to its nutritional value.

  • Natural treatment for digestive disorders. Taking eucalyptus honey with tea is said to help relieve constipation. Eating one tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach in the morning is said to help heal the stomach mucosa irritation and improve gastritis symptoms.


Forest honey


  • Dark in colour with a bitter aftertaste.

  • Forest honey crystallises slower than other varieties.


Benefits of Forest honey


  • Antibacterial properties. Forest honey acts as a good healing agent. It treats wounds from abrasions, surgery, bed sores, infections and ulcers. It helps curing sunburns as well, and it does these things with little to no scarring. Forest honey is an antiseptic too and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms.

  • Moisturiser. Excellent for skin and hair, and works to clear up conditions like rashes, breakouts and dandruff. It kills off bacteria that causes these issues and returns your skin to a comfortable, beautiful state.

  • Energiser and sedative. As much as it keeps you energised during the day, when the time comes, it can also help you sleep. Honey increases insulin in the body and releases serotonin, a hormone that converts to melatonin which is responsible for sleep regulation.

  • Treatment for sore throats and coughs. Whether you take it right from the spoon, mix it with hot lemon water or use it in recipes for cough syrup or cough drops, forest honey has long been known for its usefulness against cold symptoms.

  • Nutritious. Forest honey has high levels of antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. It also has greater power against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • Recommended against anaemia and dysentery. Dysentery is an inflammatory disease of the intestine, especially of the colon, which results in severe diarrhoea and abdominal pains. Forest honey is the best for relieving these pains, and honey has a high sugar content it could be used to promote sodium and water absorption from the bowel in a manner similar to the use of oral rice water and sucrose.



Polyflora honey

  • Contains nectar and pollen from multiple species of flowering plants, reuniting their flavour characteristics into an authentic aromatic profile.

  • The taste may vary from year to year, and the flavour and aroma can be more or less intense, depending on which bloomings are prevalent.

Benefits of Polyflora honey


  • Richer in antioxidants. Generally the darker the colour, the more pigments it contains and many natural pigments also exert antioxidant effects. Polyfloral varieties have been found to have stronger antioxidant action than lighter-coloured honeys.

  • Natural remedy for cough and sore throat. Eating the raw honey helps form a protective barrier over throat lining, preventing further irritation. This helps soothe throat soreness and calms cough. However, to produce its benefits, the honey has to be raw, unprocessed and unheated. This means that if we add it to tea, we should first let the tea cool down to room temperature because heat destroys the beneficial properties of honey in general.

  • Good for gastritis and stomach upset. Eating raw polyfloral honey is said to help calm stomach upset and relieve irritation of the stomach lining, potentially helping improve gastritis. The natural sugars in polyfloral honey boast mild prebiotic properties, helping improve transit time and regulating digestion.

  • Strong immune-boosting properties. As polyfloral honey is rich in different pollen types, it exhibits immune-modulating activity, more exactly it stimulates the immune system to respond better to infection and disease. Pollen does this by increasing vitamin C content in the immune system organs that produce white blood cells, by reducing inflammation and exerting antioxidant and antibiotic properties.

  • Nutritious. Contains Vitamin B and C, calcium, iron phosphorus and other elements like enzymes and amino acids.



Rosemary honey


  • Light in colour and has a floral, fruity aftertaste.

  • The Romans loved the rosemary honey and consider it the best type of honey in the world.


Benefits of Rosemary honey


  • Used in cosmetics. Moisturises the skin therefore used extensively in cosmetics.

  • Good for treating internal diseases.  Recommended to people who suffer from the liver, is indicated in ascites with liver inflammation, as well as in cirrhosis, jaundice, etc. It helps in stomach diseases, especially for those with a slow digestion and it aids intestinal conditions. It is also a good healer of ulcers of the stomach and reduces heart burn.

  • It is a powerful tonic. Approved as a tonic in cases of stress and exhaustion. Recommended to children, old people and good for workaholics.

  • Regularises the menstrual cycle. It is emmenagogue (that is, it promotes menstruation), antispasmodic and stimulating.

  • Rosemary honey treats hepatic insufficiency. It is a very valuable dietary product, since its sugars are quickly absorbed by the intestines, reaching the liver where it exerts its hepatoprotective effects.

  • Can be used as a general toning agent. It is used in cases of fainting due to a decrease in blood pressure. It is used against asthma and whooping cough, as well as being a powerful tonic for convalescents and a stomach restorer. 

  • Used against gouts. Rosemary honeys, being free of fats and containing a small amount of nitrogenous substances, is a recommended food for all those who suffer the effects of uric acid, for example gouts and kidney stones.



Chestnut honey


  • Stronger honey with a particular flavour and a certain bitterness to it.

  • Darker pigment which means it has a relatively high pollen content.


Benefits of Chestnut honey


  • Natural antibacterial. Chestnut honey is known for its impressive natural antibacterial properties derived primarily from its content of hydrogen peroxide, a naturally- occurring antimicrobial. Moreover, its low moisture content and density further contribute to its antibacterial effects by reducing bacteria numbers.

  • Anti-inflammatory action. The antioxidant polyphenols and other unique components of chestnut honey are responsible for its general anti-inflammatory effects. It is because of its inflammation-reducing action and antibacterial properties that the honey can help with sore throat, wound healing, ulcers and even acne and promote a faster recovery.

  • Great for skincare. Due to its tannin content which make it slightly astringent, chestnut honey can help temporarily tighten skin and give it a more youthful and fresh appearance. In addition, when applied as a face mask, it makes skin softer and helps unclog pores. Because of its antibacterial properties, it can help reduce bacteria numbers and possibly prevent more serious acne breakouts.

  • Rich nutritional profile. Being a darker honey, chestnut honey has a superior nutritional profile, containing higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than other varieties, notably vitamin C, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, trace amounts of amino acids and other nutrients. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, iron helps prevent and treat anaemia, while potassium is great for the nervous system and cardiovascular health.

  • Energising action. The natural sugars, vitamins and minerals in chestnut honey help restore energy levels and combat fatigue naturally. This further recommends it greatly for consumption.